Monday, January 17, 2011

My Cat Is Up For Adoption

*** UPDATE *** 04/02/2011 Kasey has been adopted by a friend. His new home is nicer than I could have ever imagined. I'm happy. :-)

I'm moving out of Singapore and I'm looking for a friendly place where I can put up Kasey, my adorable little kitty cat, and best friend forever.

Kasey can also be KC, short for Kitty Cat. Very clever, yes?

Kasey is a tabby-white domestic shorthair (shorthairs are convenient as indoor cats because they don't get furballs in their throats as much). He's a rescue kitty, I found him as a week-old, malnourished little kitten near Eunos MRT in May 2009. I had no intention of adopting a cat, but I wasn't confident he'd survive if I let him back out on the streets, so I took him in.

He's very friendly and playful, but is also super-shy and easily scared. He's had all his shots, he's been spayed, and he's fully potty-trained. In my 2 years of knowing him, he has never vomitted, sprayed, or done anything overtly disgusting or spiteful, except when he is under the severest of stress.

At about 2 years old now, he's really just a very awesome cat with a gentle soul and heaps of personality, and I'm sad to have to leave him behind.

Kasey is about 2 years old.

I've been training him to poop and pee into a toilet (like in the movies, yes!). He's very far along in his training and he's just a few stages away from completing it. So if you're interested but are finding that you don't have space for a litter box, he's almost there in not needing one (and all the germs, maintenance, and expense that a litter box comes with). Once his training is complete, all you have to do is flush twice a day, and scrub your toilet bowl a bit more frequently than you normally would. Very low-maintenance, ideal for apartments and condos.

I'd love to take him with me to see the world, but as a working bachelor who travels frequently, I think Kasey would do well in an environment with more stimuli, and a pet human who is around a bit more to do his kitty bidding.

I always wanted to keep a cat since I was a child, but never did as my mom was a firm believer that animals belong outside the house, and not inside. Keeping a cat, though, is a big responsibility as I have discovered. It needs patience, and lots of love, and is by no means easy. You need to be kind and loving, but also firm and at times strict and unforgiving to establish rules and boundaries that cannot be crossed.

For example, we have no scratch poles in our apartment, but there is some furniture that is old enough that me and my flat-mates don't care if he scratches them. Kasey has spent more than a year sleeping within kitty-arm distance of my PVC leather computer chair, and hasn't scratched it, but has been scratching with particular glee my flat-mate's bed frame, and our old mattresses set up in the living room as an impromptu sitting area. To establish that kind of an understanding between you and an animal, you need to serve up a proper balance of love and approval, and discipline and firmness.

Discipline! Discipline is the thing! Builds character, and all
that sort of thing, you know?

I'm going to miss him a lot, but I'd like to know that he's having fun wherever he is, making new friends, and living life to the fullest.

If you're interested, please e-mail me at iftekharul dot haque at gmail dot com.

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